Are WordPress Website's Future Proof?

Is your WordPress Website Future Proof?

July 31, 2017

Will WordPress still be around in 10 years? This is a question I’m surprisingly asked fairly often. Besides WordPress being over 14 years old (at the date of this posting), it has become the most-used website tool, powering over 75 millions websites or over 25% of the entire internet!

WordPress Websites Are Constantly Updated

WordPress constantly posts updates to its framework to maintain security and add new features. Updating your WordPress website is fast, and almost never breaks your website – which is very important!

WordPress is Developer Friendly

WordPress has one of the biggest open-source communities on the Internet. There are always developers committing and suggesting changes to the platform to make WordPress better. And since WordPress is open-source it’s unlikely ever going to be abandoned and forgotten.

WordPress is Backwards Compatible

Official WordPress releases are built to be backwards compatible with previous releases. This even applies to instances where the developers depreciate functions. This means that when WordPress is updated, your website’s functionality should remain the same.

The WordPress platform, along with the vast amount of plugins is updated weekly by the massive WordPress development community – so yeah, I would say it’s future proof!