By Jeremy Haber Jan 17, 2018

Explaining WooCommerce for Your WordPress Website

WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that businesses are using to sell their products and services online. Whether you are looking to change your current online store to WooCommerce, or are in the process of setting up your first online store, it’s important to know what WooCommerce can do for you. The possibilities are endless with WooCommerce and the right website developer by your side.

There’s a lot WooCommerce can do, so I simplified it’s capabilities in this video:

Within this video, we cover the topics:

  • Manage products and inventory
    • Set the inventory quantity (automatically managed by the system when orders are placed)
    • Schedule sales
    • Add images
    • Product reviews
  • Manage orders
    • View/add/edit orders
    • Order statuses (pending payment, processing, completed, refunded, ect…)
    • Order notes
  • Process payments
    • Supports almost all payment gateways (like Stripe, Moneris, and Elevon)
  • Calculate shipping costs by region (supports different providers in each region)
  • Allows customers to:
    • Order items
    • View order history
  • Supports coupons and discounts
  • Taxes
  • Emails customers and administrators order notifications

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