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Is WooCommerce a good e-commerce platform?

August 23, 2017

WooCommerce is a good e-commerce platform that provides stores with an interface to list products, accept payment and calculate shipping prices. WooCommerce is free, highly customizable and integrates directly with WordPress, which is probably the platform your website uses.

It’s Free

I’m one of those people who don’t like free. Free usually means it doesn’t work well, there’s tons of ads or my credit card will secretly be charged. WooCommerce is the exception. It really is free, it works really well and there are NO ads.

WooCommerce is Open Source and built by the Open Source community. This means that the code is available online, and some of the world’s best developers contribute to its functionality. WooCommerce is extremely secure, and there are thousands of plugins and extensions that you can use to make WooCommerce function the way you want.

Not all the plugins are free – especially the ones found on the main WooCommerce website – which is how they earn their well-deserved income.

Highly Customizable

Since WooCommerce is Open Source, developers have full control over the code, so we can customize it to function any way you need. We’ve customized WooCommerce to work for events, subscriptions, and for generic online stores.

Also, since WooCommerce was built by some of the best developers this world has seen, the code is beautiful, and really easy to modify for us developers.

Integrated with WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, integrating WooCommerce to it is almost seamless.

Above all, WooCommerce is also owned by Automattic, the company which also owns WordPress.

With the endless amount of plugins available, the simplicity of the interface and how great it is to use, I would highly recommend WooCommerce for any online store.