What you need to be blogging about

What you need to be blogging about

November 19, 2013

I always preach the importance of blogging to all my clients. A blog benefits your business in two ways: it gives you an authoritative presence, and it helps you build relevant content.

Authoritative Presence

You know your industry best, so why not share your wisdom with the world?

Relevant Content

Search engines, like Google, love content. The more quality blog posts you publish, the more content Google can use to push your website/blog to your potential clients.

So, what should you blog about?

  • Top 10 client questions
  • Various resources and helpful websites within industry
  • Glossary of terms relevant to industry
  • Upcoming business events
  • Client success stories and case studies
  • Trends
  • Write blogs about keywords your client use to find your blog
  • New products or services you are launching
  • Famous quotes relevant to industry
  • Link backs to other good blogs in industry
  • Myths in industry