What is a stage website and why do I need it?

May 15, 2024

In the world of website development, it’s super important to make sure everything works smoothly before showing your site to the world. That is where a test or stage website comes in handy, but what exactly is a stage site and why is it so important?

What is a staging site?

A test or “stage” website is like a practice version of your real website. It’s a copy of your site that you can mess around with without worrying about breaking anything on the real site that your users see.

Why do I need a staging site?

Testing Site Updates

One of the primary reasons for having a staging site is to test any changes or updates before implementing them on the live site. Whether it’s updating themes & plugins or making design tweaks, staging environments provide a safe space to experiment without risking disruption to the live site’s functionality or user experience.

Find and Fixing Problems

Having a test site lets you find and fix any problems before the update goes live. This helps in maintaining the integrity of your live site.

Approval and Collaboration

If you’re making or working on a website for someone else, like a client, they can review the stage site to see how things are going. They can give you feedback and make sure everything looks and works the way they want before they approve the site to go live.

Performance Testing

Performance optimization is crucial for delivering a fast and reliable web experience. Staging sites help to conduct performance testing, confirm loading times, and optimize various elements without affecting the live website experience.

SEO Considerations

Major changes to a website design and development, such as changes permalink structures or implementing new content, can impact SEO. Staging sites allow you and your clients to preview these changes and confirm their potential SEO implications before making them live. 


These are just a few quick points that highlight the importance of a staging environment when it comes to website and WordPress development. Having a test website is such an important step in making sure your live website runs smoothly. The stage website lets you preview changes, fix problems, get feedback, and make sure everything works great and as intended before you apply changes to the live site. Next time you’re working on a website, don’t forget to set up a staging website – we guarantee it will save you a lot of headaches!