Websites: Getting a higher return on investment

Websites: Getting a higher return on investment

August 1, 2012

The issue of converting web traffic – people viewing your site – to actual paying customers is a growing problem as online competition increases. The importance of a good effective website has never been so essential.

Think of your website as a business investment. The more you’re willing to invest, the higher the reward potential can be. As the old saying goes “you need to spend money to make money”.

Let’s look at a scenario where someone spends $500 on a website, in comparison to their competitor who invests more. A website can be built for much less than $500 by using a basic template with little attention being spent on search engine optimization techniques – but will this website help you turn that $500 into a profit? The competitor who spent more will receive a highly tailored and customized website designed specifically with their target audience in mind. Great attention will be paid to Google advertising, keywords and content,  ensuring that their potential clients can easily find the website. The competitor’s site will sell, giving their visitors a very positive experience by using an extremely easy and streamlined process.

This creates trust and comfort that greatly (and instantly) improves your brand and will increase that ratio of potential customers to paying customers. You might spend $500 on your website, but you should ask yourself – can this website make you a profit?