Website Design Content Tips to Help Your Struggles

July 11, 2017

At Simplistics Web Design Inc., we give our clients the power to modify and edit content without having to rely on a developer. Knowing how to write your content might be overwhelming, so here are four tips to help your website content struggles.

Tip #1: Focus back to Marketing

Websites are created as a marketing tool to promote your products and/or services. With so much power to edit text, we are compelled to fit in as much information as we can to notify users exactly what they need to know. Unfortunately, too much information can actually overwhelm your users, and they either lose themselves in the content, or they turn away from the website because they can’t find what they are looking for. So, keeping the goal of your website as you write content provides a clear direction and makes your content concise.

Tip #2: Let’s attract some users

So then, how do we attract users and keep them on your website? Websites that have breathing room and plenty of white space is more enticing to users than a website that is filled from corner-to-corner, top-to-bottom full of text. This is because there is minimal content and users can easily find what they need. Make sure your content is as minimal and valuable as possible!

Tip #3: Add Titles

There are websites which may need more information to properly convey a product or service. One of the best ways to engage your audience is by adding titles. Not only does the page layout look cleaner, but users can find the content they want by just reading the titles.

Tip #4: Organize your content by using landing pages

Another way to organize your content is by creating a landing page for a single product or service. Landing pages are specific to one service or product. This keeps the content minimal and users can easily navigate to their desired product or service.

Managing content is very difficult especially when there is just so much to say about your services or products. Keeping a focus on your marketing goal ensures that your writing is minimal and concise. Other ways to make your site more attractive and easy to read are reducing text as much as possible, dividing content by titles or dedicating a service or product to its own page.

If you need more direction you can always contact Simplistics Design Inc., we’d be more than happy to guide you through writing struggles.