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Top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use a visual page builder

August 8, 2022

Visual page builders give you the ability to design every page on your WordPress website without needing to understand development. Instead they use a drag n’ drop interface which means any business owner can customize the design of their own website. Almost every third-party WordPress theme includes page buildings, like Elementor and Visual Composer.

While page builders definitely have some advantages, there are also many downsides. In this post we will explore some disadvantages of installing these plugins on your custom WordPress website. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Page builders are pieces of code that automatically generates code, resulting in a lot of bloat which can negatively impact your website’s SEO. This will make it harder for your potential audience to find your website online.

2. Site Speed

Using too many components of the page builder’s plugin can render a huge amount of unnecessary code which in turn drops your site speed drastically. This in turn frustrates your website visitors and they may leave your website before it fully loads.

3. Responsive Design

Your website should adapt to any screen size dynamically to ensure you provide an optimal experience for users on all devices. Most visual page builders are made for desktop screen sizes, so managing the mobile design can be very cumbersome for the average business owner. With more and more users accessing websites on mobile devices, it’s crucial for your website to work on both mobile and desktop devices. 

4. Not Customizable

With a custom website developed by Simplistics, you’re able to change almost every section on your website, add new pages, manage the menu and customize the architecture. This isn’t always the case when using a visual page builder. While you’re able to easily change some aspects of your website, you’re still confined by a pre-built template.

5. Risk of breaking website

The auto-generated code from visual page builders can unintentionally break existing pages on your custom website. Code that generated code is never perfect, so your website’s design will no longer be pixel-perfect. By using a page builder to change up the design of your website, you can make the website look inconsistent. 


In conclusion, while page builders definitely have some advantages, there are also many downsides. If you have a website that was custom designed and developed by Simplistics Web Design it’s best to ask your account manager for assistance to make sure that your website remains fast, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing.