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The top 5 hosting companies for your website design

January 31, 2022

Many website providers like Shopify, Squarespace or Wix offer all-in-one packages where you pay one monthly fee for your website, domain management and hosting. If you need a custom website design with unique features, these providers likely won’t meet your needs and you will need to find and register for hosting yourself. The task doesn’t need to be cumbersome and there are some great options out there. We decided to compile a list of our top 5 favourite hosting providers based on a range of factors including cost, support and experience.

Note: You may notice that many popular web hosting providers that you may already know, like GoDaddy, BlueHost or HostGator are not on this list. These companies are great at marketing, but unfortunately that’s where their success ends when it comes to hosting a website. 

1. GloboTech

This Quebec-based company sits at the top of our list because of their incredible support and reliable infrastructure. GloboTech responds to support requests within minutes by email or phone, and you will be speaking directly with a knowledgeable IT member of their team. Prices range from roughly $40 for a shared cloud to hundreds of dollars for a dedicated server. We would recommend GloboTech for any website that is expecting medium-to-high amounts of daily traffic.

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2. FullHost

Sitting at #2 on our list is FullHost, another Canadian provider which offers servers in both Toronto and Vancouver. Their first-class support is limited to just email, but they respond rapidly and usually with a solution! Prices start at just $7/month for a shared server and we would recommend this provider for lower-traffic websites.

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3. WP Engine

This US-based company offers hosting for WordPress websites only. Migrating an existing WordPress website to WP Engine is a breeze with their own WordPress migration tool. WP Engine will auto-update your plugins when needed and backup your website to ensure it remains secure. Unlike the other providers on this list, WP Engine does not offer the option to host business emails. Their pricing starts at $33/month and is recommended for medium-traffic WordPress websites.

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4. InMotion Hosting

Starting at $19.99/month, this larger hosting provider offers good support and reliable uptime, so you can count that your website should be staying online! InMotion offer a free domain name with their hosting services and a large variety of discounts that can get your monthly cost to be as low as $2.99. Just make sure you can keep an eye out for the length of your contract because the price discounts can be a bit deceptive.

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5. Cloudways

Cloudways isn’t your typical hosting solution that manages an on-site server. Just as their name implies, Cloudways offers a managed hosting solution in the cloud and you can choose which cloud network your website is in (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, etc.). As a cloud provider, your website usage has no limits and you simply pay for the amount of use. As a more advanced provider, we only recommend using this company if you are a little more tech-savvy or using a web development company like Simplistics who can help get your website set up with them!

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In addition to these 5 reliable website hosting companies, Simplistics also offers an all-inclusive hosting package that was built to be simple and reliable for our clients. This hosting package is only available to clients whose websites we have worked on. If you’re looking for a new hosting provider feel free to reach out to your account manager for more information on what our hosting package includes.