WordPress Multisite Development

The Benefits of Developing a WordPress Multisite

June 30, 2023

A WordPress multisite allows you to manage multiple websites all from one central database and admin interface.  At Simplistics, we have developed many WordPress multisites over the years and our team of local Toronto WordPress developers are happy to provide insight and advice on whether your needs are best supported by a multisite. 

Benefits of a WordPress Multisite:

Centralized Website Content Management

WordPress multisite offers website administrators the ability to manage multiple websites on a single dashboard and with just one login. 

Shared Resources

WordPress multisites allow you to share plugins and themes across your entire network of websites. This allows you to save on storage space on your server, and increase productivity since you only need to perform one update to the code to affect every website in your network. Some plugins may not be compatible with WordPress multisites, although this is something a WordPress developer (like Simplistics!) can modify to meet your needs.

User Access and Permissions

With a WordPress Multisite, as a super administrator you can control which website each editor, author, administrator, or other users and user role have access to. This feature allows you to assign roles and permissions throughout each website on your network

Consistent Website Branding and Design

With a WordPress Multisite, every website can utilize the same theme files so your branding and design will remain consistent across every site, delivering a cohesive user experience. This can be particularly helpful if you have multiple sites under the same organization or brand.

Creating New Sites

With WordPress Multisites, you can add a new website to your network without any coding  knowledge! This helps save you time and money when launching a new website that is similar to the other sites on your network. Once you’ve created a new website, you will only need to select a theme that one of your other sites on the network is using and then start adding in the copy — it’s that simple. 

Potential Pitfalls

While a WordPress Multisite can simplify many aspects of managing multiple websites, it can also be more complex as there are many more options to maintain than an individual WordPress installation. This means that more training and support are often required for non-technical users. Since you are also managing one instance of WordPress, performing an update on WordPress and plugins usually requires more thorough testing to ensure all of your website remain functional.

Multisites offer many benefits to help you manage all your websites. As an official WordPress Multisite developer, Simplistics is here to help you build the right solution so that you can effectively manage your brands and content. Contact us to get started on developing a new WordPress Multisite at 416-347-9883.