Wordpress website plugin launch

The Simplistics Products CSV Importer for WooCommerce

March 13, 2017

Simplistics is proud to announce the launch of our mass WooCommerce product importer tool. With just a single Excel spreadsheet, you can import complex variable products data with attributes, or just products with images.

What is this plugin meant for?

There are many everyday uses where this WordPress plugin can be very helpful.

Are you moving to WooCommerce from another e-commerce platform? Load your product info/catalog in a spreadsheet and import all of them directly into WooCommerce!

Export all of your products, attributes and variations into a CSV using our $99 addon. You can then modify the exported CSV and import it back to your website. to display the most updated products on your store. No need to use the WooCommerce back-end interface anymore!

Did you just receive a large shipment of products which now needs to be added to your WooCommerce store? Just load your shipment full of products within the exported spreadsheet, run the import and now they are ready to be purchased!