Sales websites vs informative websites?

Sales websites vs informative websites?

June 11, 2014

Having a website for your business is essential. It’s a vital tool for informing and educating the customer about your business and creating a buying mentality. Done right, your website will engage your customers and tell them everything they need to know to make that sale.

There are two main types of websites to consider building, an informative website and a sales website.

1. The informative website

The informative website is built on the pretense of describing what you do and who you are. By doing this in its basic form your visitors will get an overview of what you are about and what you are offering.

The best way to think about this website is like a virtual brochure or a website that showcases what you have done.

You would typically see these types of websites for service based businesses or businesses that have yet to embrace e-commerce.

2. The sales website

The sales website is built to sell your product right then and there. Though the sole purpose of the e-commerce website is to sell, it’s still important that the website gives the visitor a great overview of your business.

Personalizing the website to fit your brand will help build “brand confidence” and sell your products. This means keeping an open level of communications and making clear concise call to actions on your website.

So what type of website does your business need? That depends on your business and brand. That would be a discussion you would have with your website developer.

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