Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

May 1, 2013

Simplistics now has a responsive design!

2012 was a milestone year for mobile computing; it was the first year since 1981 that sales in desktop and notebook computers have gone down so drastically, and the final year that desktop and notebook computers will rule the internet. Tablets and other mobile devices will be the main devices people use to view your website.

So the question remains, do you need a responsive website design?

A ‘responsive’ design will adjust the website’s layout depending on the size of your screen. Both a desktop computer and mobile device will load the same website, but the layout will adjust to perfectly and appropriately fit all content on any screen size. If you would like to test out a responsive layout, start making your browser smaller and see this website transform before your very eyes!

Prior to responsive design, websites used the ‘separate mobile site’ approach and had a different design for both the mobile website and the full-view desktop website. With a responsive design, you only have to deal with a single design for all screen sizes; so it’s a lot easier to maintain – and as a website developer – fun to build!

It’s always a good idea to stay modern and give all your website visitors, no matter what device they use, an amazing viewing experience. Although, if you don’t believe your customers are part of the ‘mobile revolution’, or your website requires your visitors to be on a desktop or notebook computer, than you might think twice about hopping on the responsive website design bandwagon.