Slow Wordpress website

Is your WordPress theme loading really slow?

October 28, 2015

Is your WordPress website choppy as you scroll down the page?

Many WordPress themes now come prebuilt with a “Visual Editor” plugin. This gives any non-technical user the ability to modify their website’s layout to fit their business’s brand, which sounds really cool… but it isn’t.

“Visual Editor” is a very robust application that has to reload your layout every time someone accesses your website. This will really slow down your website!

You don’t want control over your layout. You want control over your content.

Your layout should never change. Consistency is king. This is the most important rule to keep your website user-friendly. Your user’s shouldn’t have to re-learn your website every time they access a new page. The navigation menu, content boxes, logo and more should always be in the same position.

Once you have your layout figured out, you should never have a need for Visual Editor again. But once installed, you are forced to rely on it to modify your content.

Did you find a theme that you want to buy, but it’s really slow? I recommend contacting a developer to strip out Visual Editor and have them custom-develop your layout within the theme’s design.

Trust me, it’s worth it! This is the #1 culprit we deal with on a daily basis, and my recommendations will surely make your website function smoothly and load a lot faster!