Increase your e-commerce sales with free shipping

Increase your e-commerce sales with free shipping

December 22, 2014

E-Commerce Free Shipping

Customers just hate paying for shipping.

Shipping is an extra cost no one wants to pay, but there are ways you can use this to your advantage and increase your online sales.

96% of online shoppers look for stores that offer free shipping and 79% would rather have free shipping than a better price.

Amazon, the internet’s largest online store offers free shipping for orders over $25. Because of this, almost every order Amazon sees is above $25. Customers are willing to buy more and save on shipping!

So how can you minimize the cost of shipping for your business?

Incorporate the cost of shipping

Slightly raising your item’s pricing works extremely well with products that have minimal competition in the market place.

Setup a Threshold

Even smaller online retailers like Hushpuppies will offer free shipping on any order above $100. This assured that you’re making enough money to cover the shipping cost yourself and not hitting your bottom line.


Amazon also offers Amazon Prime, which offers free 2 day shipping on all orders for a small yearly fee. Offering a membership service that gives your customers free shipping is a great way to establish a loyalty program and ensure customers keep ordering.

Your business should be offering free shipping – even if your threshold is above $25. Smaller retailers can also offer free shipping on orders over $100! Your customers will appreciate the savings, and you will appreciate the extra orders your customers placed to get the special offer!