How we started our web design business

How we started our web design business

March 2, 2015

Starting a business isn’t as difficult as you think. With a little bit of elbow grease and loads caffeine, you can do it too!

I found myself working as a developer for a software company right after college. Work is work and fun is fun, but I strongly believe you need to mix both to be successful. I wasn’t having any fun.

Jeremy was harassing urging me to start our own company – so that’s what we did. We would meet up in public every day for about two months to plan our company. There were two things I learned during this time: starting a business is easy, and everyone wants a website. People would overhear our business plan and started sharing their website needs. Being approached from so many people helped validate our business. It also meant we were talking too loud.

During this time, Humber College started the New Venture Seed program and asked us to apply – but we only had 24 hours! There was a long list of requirements for the application, including a full business plan, so we scrambled to put it all together that night. On the way to submitting the application, we had to stop off at Staples twice to modify & reprint it! But somehow we miraculously won.

We got the call and Humber signed a cheque in our name. The application may have been rushed, but they saw that we had the potential to create a successful and thriving business. That month we found our office and acquired our first client, Blitz Print House.

There’s no turning back anymore.

As of today we are still part of Humber and their centre for entrepreneurs (Humber Launch), a centre for entrepreneurs providing resources and tools to help businesses grow.

Owning a boutique web design shop isn’t always easy, but I make sure it’s fun!