How trust helps your website sell

How trust helps your website sell

August 7, 2012

You know those times when a stranger in a long trench coat approaches you, darkened by the shadows his top hat casts upon his face, and he asks, “Would you like to purchase a Rolex?” Would you ever even consider buying that watch?

Everyone has a built in “trustdar” that helps you detect scams.

One of the biggest aspects of selling online is creating trust. When we look to purchase a product online, we probably wouldn’t feel safe purchasing it from a website which looks like it was thrown together in a weekend. Would you spend the money with the guy in the trench coat or a store that specializes in selling watches?

If you see that a business has not invested the time and energy into building a website that looks good and functions properly, you probably wouldn’t trust it. A website is an effective tool which will represent your company, giving your visitors an impression about your business. If you’re not willing to invest in a proper website, what would your visitors think about your product?

If you want your website to sell, focus on design aspects like colour, brand-ability, and user experience. These elements will drastically increase your website’s sell-ability, keeping your visitors “trustdar” silent.