Gmail update allows strangers to email you

Gmail update allows strangers to email you

January 10, 2014


Online privacy (or lack of…) has been a huge topic this year. Ever since Edward Snowden leaked the all-famous documents, large online corporations like Facebook and Google have been under the microscope.

Google knows everything about you. They know what you search for, what videos you like (Youtube), what text messages you send (Android), all your contacts, your name, your phone number, a street view photo of your home (and possibly your vehicle), and most likely your credit card number.

Now Google is going to allow any stranger on the internet to send you an email WITHOUT needing to know your email address.

If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have a Google Plus account (even though you never signed up for it). Google will be connecting your Google Plus account to your Gmail account, allowing any stranger to email you when they locate you on Google Plus.

This change, besides being a spammer’s favorite new tool, can have huge consequences. What happens if someone emails you a virus, or you respond by mistake and now they have your email? Google has an opt-out feature for all of us who know about this change – but wouldn’t you rather Google ask you to opt-in?