Getting a beautiful website can be cheap!

Getting a beautiful website can be cheap!

July 28, 2013

A brand new business needs to invest properly to grow, and investing in a new website can become the magic pill that supercharges your business. Getting a quality website can be costly, and the business’s brand and strategy might still be in development. A website is a vital marketing tool for every business, but a new business might not be ready for the investment.

That being said, every business MUST still have an online identity. Let me tell you how you can get a free, or low cost website!

WordPress –

WordPress is a free Content Management System (CRM) that allows you to build your very own website. There are thousands of free themes available, so you can choose a website design that best matches your brand. As long as you are able to use Microsoft Word, learning how to use WordPress should be an exciting weekend activity.

Google Sites –

Build your website in just a few clicks for free using Google Sites! Google Sites provides you with innovative collaboration tools, so your team can work together to develop a simple and beautiful new online page.


Weebly –

Weebly provides you with a very nice interface to build your website in just four steps.

  • Plan: Write up your content, gather your images
  • Create: Pick one of Weebly’s hundreds of themes and customize the design for your business
  • Publish: In a push of a button, launch your website and show your new business to the world.
  • Grow: With some awesome tracking tools, find out how users are locating your website, and then refocus your website to that audience!

Don’t forget to purchase your $10 domain name, so your customers can find you by typing www.your-company.comOnce your business starts growing, your online identity should grow too. When you’re ready to invest in a website, make sure you do it right!