Becoming Toronto WordPress Developers

Becoming Toronto WordPress Developers

March 18, 2015

I set out on a mission to give my client’s simple control over their website’s content. I believe that our clients shouldn’t be afraid to update their website, and not rely on a website developer to make every change.

I started my business by building a custom CMS (content management system) for my clients so they can modify the website’s content without effecting the website design or layout. My clients had full control over their website – but my CMS still needed regular maintenance which became very time consuming.

That’s when I discovered WordPress. At the time WordPress was becoming popular because of its intuitive interface and constant maintenance. As my company transitioned to being one of Toronto’s first WordPress-based website shops, I learned that the power of WordPress is in its flexibility. It can be anything, it can do anything. It’s a great starting point for all our projects.

Not only do I love building websites in WordPress, but my clients love using it too! It is just dead simple to use.

The Internet has definitely come along way from manually updating individual files. Website owners are now empowered to make their own updates on their website using WordPress. These are definitely exciting times for WordPress developers and website owners.