Simple WordPress Web Design

A Simple Website Design is a Great Design!

September 28, 2018

We aim for simplicity in web design since it’s essential to get your message across to your users quickly and efficiently.

Simplicity is Best.

The world wide web is big, and as a businesses we know the importance of standing out from the crowd. When it comes to your business’ online presence, it can be tempting to add as much content as possible to flash and grab attention away from your competitors.

Red Stop Signs

At Simplistics, however, we believe in stripping down a site design, to get straight and simply to your business’ core purpose. We would rather your site be a simple red stop sign versus a flashy casino. Why? A stop sign commands attention through simplicity and familiarity. In an overpopulated world of signs, we rarely miss the small red ones.

The Simplistics Way

In order to achieve simplicity in web design, Simplistics creates sites using the following rules:

1. Minimal steps:

We ensure your site is simple and self-explanatory, without requiring a list of instructions, lots of words, or many clicks. You know those sites where you land on them and there are a million and ten buttons calling you to act on them? It leaves you with the feeling to “Run!”.  

2. Familiar terminology:

We recommend against confusing, industry-specific jargon, which is likely to confuse visitors, leading them to leave your site quickly.

3. Easily understood:

We work to create a user interface that anyone can work through, without prior knowledge of the system.

4. Saves time:

If a site requires too much time to read, fill out a form, etc. users will lose interest and leave. Think how frustrating long loading times are! A Simplistics design ensures that users can quickly and easily navigate.  

A simple website doesn’t mean boring or dated. At Simplistics, simple web design means great user experience keeping visitors coming back for more. Simplicity really is best!