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J&J Crafts


Arts, Entertainment and Recreation


E-Commerce Site


J&J Crafts' prior website only listed a catalogue that was updated once a year. This was problematic as their inventory would change frequently and some items would be on clearance/sale without customers knowing. They were also writing their orders down manually.


To create a new WooCommerce website that would not only allow them to display a real-time catalogue on their website but also to allow customers to place orders automatically (so no more writing out orders).


Ordering items is now made easier without having to write all the content down manually, thus allowing J&J Crafts to showcase many new products and gain more exposure. They were also very pleased that we took the time to help the technologically less-abled and are always there to assist immediately.


I would like to recommend Simplistics Web Design to anyone looking to design their new or redesign their old websites. Jeremy Haber was a pleasure to deal with, gave us his undivided attention and consideration, especially for those of us who are computer illiterate! He was always there to answer our unlimited questions and solve all of our problems in dealing with our new venture. As far as ongoing support, which we needed regularly for quite some time, he was wonderful. As a result, our website looks wonderful, and our customers are thrilled with its customer –friendly design. Look no further than Simplistics!!!!!!

— Cheryl Goldberg, President J&J Crafts