By Andrei Navumau

As the end of 2018 has come, we tend to look more into web design trends of 2019. The passing year was marked by responsive design, chatbots and hamburger menus with animations. What web design trends are we to expect in 2019? Let’s try to find out.


Top 5 trends in 2019 in web design:

  1. Flat Design
  2. Mobile First
  3. Natural Shapes
  4. Minimalism
  5. Video Backgrounds

Flat Design

Clean and simple design started to emerge in 2017 and greatly improved website performance on mobile networks. Minimalist design are characterized by loading fast, which also results in higher SEO value. Flat design helps a website to comply with many of the requirements that search engines require like the Google Speed update that went into effect in July 2018 which now prioritizes rankings for sites that load faster.


Mobile First

Mobile search overtook desktop searches over four years ago. Since then more and more people begin their first interaction with your website using their mobile device. It becomes crucial to start developing a website for mobile first, then later focus on desktops and larger devices. Contrary to this 2019 trend, developers used to create the desktop version of their website first. Moreover Google has changed which sites they index by now prioritize mobile sites first. This design trend is meeting the demand that mobile users are requiring and will likely be the trend for a long time to come.


Natural Shapes

Usually web pages use grids and table outlines, but in 2019 designers are turning towards natural shapes and smooth lines. Squares or rectangles with their sharp corners do create a sense of order, but the trend is that people want to feel more comfort and seek natural shapes in design. These asymmetrical shapes will add depth to a web design and makes page elements stand out. Custom free-drawn elements can capture users attention and result in visitors spending more time on your website. Google will definitely note that fact and will make your position in search results higher.




Simplifying things on a page is everlasting trend in web design. The fewer elements on a website, the less your audience will have to think. Even less opportunities to overwhelm your users or confuse them. Perfectly designed minimalistic website will show the user exactly what he is looking for. Animations and fade-in effects that make scrolling more engaging will give web pages freedom to space out their content and thus result in more whitespace, contrast and clear typography without too many distracting elements.



Video Backgrounds

In spite of the minimalist, quick-loading, flat design trends, video backgrounds are still incredibly popular as a trend going into 2019. Video materials attract more attention of a user than images and texts. Video posts are prioritized over other kinds of posts.

Example of a video background.

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