Simplistics Warranty

We back the quality of our work by offering warranties unlike any other web design firm in Toronto.

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Fixed Projects

Fixed projects include a signed proposal with a scope of work.

If you notice any issues with the work outlined in the agreed scope of work after we’ve launched it, we will fix this issue at any time. Warranty will be void if another developer modifies any code related to the scope of work. Since technology will change, we can only guarantee our work on the supported technologies that existed at the time of your website’s launch. 

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Hourly Work

Hourly work does not include a scope of work, and is the typical approach for smaller projects or updates.

Simplistics does not warrant any work that is completed without a scope of work as payment is based on the amount of time we spend on the work, and not the result itself.

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While hosting your website on a Simplistics server, Simplistics will perform updates when they are security-related and will spend up to one hour per month resolving any issues that may be caused as a result of that update. Security-related updates that require additional development time for compatibility will be quoted on a case-by-case scenario. 

Even though you should be able to update your website and plugins without any issues, any update not performed by Simplistics is not warranted. Issues caused as a result of an update that is not security-related or by an update that is not managed by Simplistics would incur additional charges.

The cost of purchasing updates for premium plugins are your responsibility and any fees Simplistics incurs as a result of purchasing these updates on your behalf will be billed back to you.

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