Simplistics Client Manager: Manage Client, Revenue Stream & Invoices

Simplistics Client Manager: Manage Client, Revenue Stream & Invoices

September 9, 2012

Simplistics is proud to announce the release of the Simplistics Client Manager.

The Client Manager started out as an internal project for Simplistics’ specific needs.  It saved us so much time (and stress!!!), so we decided to release it to the public. You should have the opportunity to reap the benefits of it too!

We originally never expected to make money from building this online software, so why charge you for it? The Simplistics Client Manager is completely free. A premium version of the Client Manager is in our future plans, giving you an even more powerful (yet simple) system.

So why is it so awesome???

The Simplistics Client Manager makes managing your clients a snap! Use the powerful invoicing system to issue beautiful recurring or one-time invoices in just seconds. You can track your revenue stream by seeing how much money you have earned, and how much money each client owes you. Has a client missed a payment? Is an invoice expiring? The system will automatically warn you, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Our favorite feature is the “invoice views” function. You can track when your client viewed the invoice – and how many times they viewed it.

The Simplistics Client Manager is easy to use, and it’s free to use! Let me know what you think of it – I welcome all feedback.

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